What is Toomics and what kinds of stories can you find on the platform?

The idea that comics in print will one day disappear in favor of digital media is increasingly a reality. There are many benefits of reading comics in this way: we avoid the use of paper, we can do it anywhere, plus it is much cheaper, and even free on some occasions. In this sense, one of the best tools that exist for digital comic and manga readers is Toomics.

You may have seen this publication advertised with a slightly risque promo, and although much of its content is NSFW, the reality is that Toomics is a great tool for reading all kinds of comics from the comfort of our electronic devices.

The app you needed to read all kinds of comics

Toomics is a South Korean online service that offers us a huge catalog of comics in different languages. Accessing the tool is relatively simple, as it can be done from its website or by downloading the app directly from Plays Store or App Store. It is worth mentioning that most of the comics are made by amateur creators who work with digital drawing.

In Toomics new content is uploaded daily, in addition to the app has a function that allows us to personalize and organize our favorite comics. Perhaps the only drawback is that it is not a completely free service. Yes, there is content that we can see without having to register or pay a single penny, but if you want to enjoy the full experience you will have to pay 166 pesos monthly with a charge to your debit or credit card.

Another characteristic aspect of this tool is its content type, which is mostly NSFW (which could be a blessing or a complete annoyance: it all depends on the user). Still, Toomics has a large enough catalog of narrative genres in its catalog to entertain even the pickiest of people.

So now you know: if you are looking for an app with a large catalog of comics or if you are just trying to read something different, other than the superheroes of Marvel or DC Comics, Comics is an excellent option. We recommend that you try the app for free: you will already know if you buy the complete package or better delete the app permanently from your device.