The official website of the adventure game “Laid-Back Camp” That camp loosely has opened. You can experience various IF stories from the perspective of the Heroine

MAGES. Officially opened the official website of the adventure game “Laid-Back Camp” On May 21st (Friday). This work is scheduled to be released on Thursday, September 30 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The price is 8580 yen for the regular version, 7700 yen for the download version, and 10,1990 yen for the limited edition, including tax.

“Laid-Back Camp” Is a story of high school girls set in Yamanashi prefecture from the perspective of the main characters ” Rin Shima ” and ” Nadeshiko Kagamihara “. This is a “Loosely Camping Adventure” work where you can experience stories such as everyday life and camping. According to the information on the official website, during work, the “weekday part” that leads the school life seems to affect factors such as the members who accompany the camp and the preparation of tools. In addition, you can visit all the campsites that appeared in the TV anime version in the “holiday part” where you can experience camping. It is said that you can enjoy various IF stories according to the factors decided in the weekday part. The limited edition includes a specially designed ” Choro- Q Shima Rin & Scooter” and a game original soundtrack. Reservations are being accepted at game stores nationwide, so if you are interested, please check it out. The release text regarding the release of the official website of “Laid-Back Camp” Is as follows. Notice of official opening of “Laid-Back Camp” MAGES. Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Chiyomaru Shikura), President: Kengo Honjo) renewed the teaser site for the Nintendo Switch ™ and PlayStation®4 game “Laid-Back Camp” On Friday, May 21, 2021, and officially opened it. I will inform you. Yurucamp Adventure Game “Laid-Back Camp” Main character, a game system released Popular TV animation will be made into a game on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and will be released on September 30, 2021. “Laid-Back Camp”. The official game site, which was a teaser site, officially opened today from May 21st. The main character and game system are newly released. The game progresses from the perspective of Nadeshiko Rin’s W heroine and depending on how the player advances, you can experience a different campsite from the anime at the same campsite as the anime, and you can enjoy various IFs unique to the game. Limited Edition Benefits “Choro-Q Shima Rin & Scooter” “Game Original Soundtrack” Limited Edition benefits include “Choro-Q Shima Rin & Scooter” and the game original soundtrack. Currently, reservations are being accepted at game stores nationwide. “Laid-Back Camp” Official site character Nadeshiko Kagamihara CV. Yumiri Hanamori A girl who got into the camp after meeting Rin. He is always cheerful and cheerful, with a smile on his face. The third member of the “Outdoor Activity Circle”. I love cooking. I also love to eat. Rin Shima CV. Nao Toyama A girl who loves solo camp. Nadeshiko, Chiaki, and Aoi’s members of the “Outdoor Activity Circle” rely on them as veteran campers. Recently, he has obtained a moped license and is gradually expanding his range of activities. Chiaki Ogaki CV. Sayuri Hara is the director and mood maker of the “Outdoor Activity Circle”. He is active and pulls the members of Nakuru Narumi, but sometimes he does Poka. Aoi Inuyama CV. Aki Toyosaki A member of the “Outdoor Activity Circle” and a coordinator of the calm club. It’s also very easygoing and has a playful side that loves tall tales. My eyes swim when I’m lying. Ena Saito CV. Rie Takahashi A girl who goes to the same school as Rin and others. At my own pace, although he is a free man, he also has a humorous side trying to get between Rin and Nakuru Narumi members. I have a Chihuahua named Chikuwa. Minami Toba CV. Shizuka Ito A new teacher at Motosu High School and an advisor to Nokuru’s club activities. He is usually a kind teacher and a good counselor, but when he drinks his favorite liquor, he sometimes removes his squirrel. In the streets, it is called “Gubi-nee”. “Laid-Back Camp” Product Information Title Laid-Back Camp Price Regular version 7,800 yen (tax excluded) / 8,580 yen (tax included) Limited edition 10,900 yen (tax excluded) / 11,990 yen (tax included) Download version 7,000 yen (tax excluded) / 7,700 yen (tax included) CERO Scheduled copyright notation Afro / Houbunsha / Outdoor Activity Committee MAGES. [Limited Edition Bonus] Choro Q Shima Rin & Scooter Game Original Soundtrack Please write the following copyright notation on the image of Choro Q. “Laid-Back Camp” Official Site MAGES.