Berserk: What Future For The Kentaro Miura Manga? All The Possibilities

Kentaro Miura passed away at the age of 54, and in addition to leaving a great void in all of us, he also left us with a great unfinished masterpiece. Berserk, the manga of the Japanese author, is now stopped at chapter 363 and still seems to be quite far from the ending, and of course, many fans can only wonder what will happen to the work.

Waiting to receive official communication from Hakusensha, we can begin to speculate on what the future holds, and on balance, there are only two possible options: a clear interruption or a continuation. What, however, are the factors at play? Let’s find out together.

Generally speaking, it all depends on Miura’s last wishes. The mangaka has lived for years with a severe heart problem and under intense stress, so it is possible that he left some indications to his staff about the continuation of the story.

In the event that the author had left a note or given an outline to one of the members of his team, it is possible that the manga continues the serialization on Young Animal, while otherwise, we could assume the interruption of the story. In the past, however, there have been many other similar episodes. Osamu Tezuka, for example, died during the serialization of Hi no Tori (The Phoenix), as did Nakazawa Keiji during the serialization of Barefoot Gen. In both cases, the series was discontinued, but on other occasions, the publishing houses opted for different choices. After the death of Ishikawa Ken, for example, Getter Robo received a spin-off with a canonical ending based on a ticket left by the author, while after the death of the author Tada Karou, her husband decided to veto the continuation of Itazura na Kiss, but he nevertheless shared the notes with the ending written by his wife.

Kentaro Miura has personally trained his team to be able to perfectly replicate his trait, so it cannot be ruled out that serialization can resume. However, it is also possible that the author did not leave any notes or indications, and in that case, we would be forced to say goodbye to Berserk forever.

Waiting to receive official communication, we want to know yours. Would you follow the manga if another author wrote the ending? Or would you prefer a break? Tell us in the comments. In the meantime, we leave you to our in-depth analysis of Kentaro Miura, one of the greatest Japanese authors of all time.