“Anime Writer Training Course Special Lecture # 2” Held Anime! Anime! Editor-in-chief Shigeyoshi Okimoto becomes a special guest lecturer

Wakuwork Co., Ltd., which develops a new graduate employment support business specializing in the animation industry, will hold “Anime Writer Training Course Special Lecture # 2” on May 29, 2021, in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. Anime! Anime! Editor-in-chief Shigeyoshi Okimoto will be on stage as a special guest lecturer and will give a lecture on the skills and career steps necessary to work as an editor of anime-based WEB media. The “Anime Writer Training Course” will be held from April 2020 in the form of monthly classes by active writers and media personnel involved in the anime industry, with the aim of developing “young writers” who will be responsible for the future of information dissemination in the anime industry. Held. In the “2nd Anime Writer Training Course” that started in April 2021, through a 12-month curriculum, students will comprehensively learn about the work related to writing related to the animation industry and will invite special guest lecturers from each field to take classes. To carry out. The course is scheduled for 90 minutes, and in the first half, we will learn from various aspects of “work-related to writing in the animation industry” from the introduction of the careers that guest lecturers have followed and the jobs they are currently involved in. In the second half, through feedback from guest lecturers on pre-assignments (sentences, proposals, articles, etc.) created by regular students, we will understand what “good sentences/sentences desired in the work” are. It is content to deepen. “Anime Writer Training Course Special Lecture # 2” will be held on May 29th from 15:00 to 16:30 at Puzzle Asakusabashi 2F Cafe Space. The participation fee is 3,000 yen for general students and 1,500 yen for students. It will also be broadcast live online. See the special page for details. [Event Summary] Event Name: Anime Writer Training Course Special Lecture # 2 Date: Saturday, May 29, 2021 Date: Scheduled from 15:00 to 16:30 Venue: Puzzle Asakusabashi 2F Cafe Space (Live broadcast online) 〒111-0053 5-2-3 Asakusabashi, Taito-Ku, Tokyo Suzuwa Building 2F Speaker: Anime! Anime! Editor-in-chief Shigeyoshi Okimoto This month’s theme: Creating a plan for a reading article (animation report) Content of the task: ・ Please make a plan for the article “Introduction to recommended anime”. ・ The purpose is to move from the link at the end of the article to the official website of the recommended work in the advertisement project posted on the Web media. ・ The intended readers are male and female light anime fans in their 2s to 30s. ・ Please write 3 items, “Tentative title”, “Summary of the article”, and “Changes you want to give to readers”. ・ The number of characters is 1000 characters or less, of which the title is 50 characters or less (preferably concise if the content is sufficient) * Assignment submission is only for regular students, and those who participate only in this event do not need to submit. Capacity: Up to 10 people planned for the venue Online No capacity Target: All young people who are interested in finding employment in the anime industry, including students scheduled to graduate in 2022, and currently working outside the anime industry to find employment or change jobs in the anime industry in the future Desired general public Participation fee: General 3000 yen / Student 1500 yen Clothes on the day: Free (Private clothes recommended) Participation method:

In the case of real participation, You can come directly to the venue and participate in the lecture of the guest lecturer. In the case of online participation, The state of the course will be delivered online at ZOOM on the day. (The URL of ZOOM will be delivered to the participants by the day before.) Lecture contents: ・ Introduction of the history by the guest speakers ・ Explanation of the work that the guest speakers are currently involved in ・ Advance for regular students of the anime writer training course Assignment feedback Schedule on the day: 14:30 Start accepting admission online at the venue 15:00 Special lecture start 16:20 General Q & A 16:30 Special lecture end * Schedule may change depending on the situation on the day It may be done. [Anime! Anime! Biz / Article reprinted from animeanime.biz]