Denied the report that “Director Hideaki Anno plans to remake a national anime movie” Color “There is no such fact”

In the article, the voice of the person concerned was posted that he plans to make “a new version of the masterpiece of the national anime movie director that everyone knows”.

On the 16th, the animation production company “Khara” denied on the official website and official Twitter account that “there is no such fact” about the news article that “Director Hideaki Anno plans to remake a national anime movie”.

“Currently, there is a news article about Hideaki Anno planning an anime work, but there is no such fact. In addition, our officials are planning works and works that do not exist like this time. We have never been interviewed for weekly magazines or online articles, such as announcements before the official announcement. ” “For planning articles that our staff and related parties have officially interviewed, we always announce them on our official website, SNS, the site of the planning source, etc.” It was revealed that there was no such thing.

Also, on the Twitter of “Khara No. 2 Co., Ltd.”, “Articles published on the net news … There is nothing planned for anime works directed by Mr. Anno … * By the way, color-related people No one has been interviewed, “denies this article.