Netflix: anime additions in May 2021 at a glance

Also in May 2021, Netflix takes up new series and animated films in its program. We have summarized in this article again for you what it is all about.

Already from May 1, 2021, Netflix offers the film “Resident Evil: Damnation” On-demand. On May 13, 2021, the fourth season of the American animated series will be released. “Castlevania” completes the adaptation of the Japanese video game series.

The third and final novelty is the original four-part anime. “EDEN” which, after several postponements, has been in use since May 27, 2021, is available in several language versions on Netflix.

Below is an overview of all the May 2021 additions that are already confirmed. We will expand this list if more titles are announced.

A new anime is coming to Netflix in May:

From May 1st: “Resident Evil: Damnation”
The 3D CGI film “Resident Evil: Damnation” which was directed by Makoto Kamiya and Toyoshi Minamino at the Digital Frontier studio, is available from the following address May 1, 2021, Available on demand on Netflix.

Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy travels to a war-torn Eastern European country on behalf of the US government. He must investigate the evidence that bio-organic weapons were used there. Shortly after his arrival, he unexpectedly receives the order to return and decides to continue the mission on his own. A dangerous decision: In this remote region of the country, horrible changes lurk …

From May 13: “Castlevania” (Season 4)

On May 13, 2021, Netflix will air the fourth and final season of the American animated series “Castlevania” which is based on the Japanese game series of the same name.

A vampire hunter defends a city against monsters from the afterlife under the control of Dracula himself. Based on the classic video game.

Coming May 27: “EDEN”

The short anime “EDEN” directed by Yasuhiro Irie (“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”) by Qubic Pictures and CGCG studios, was released today on the European Commission website. May 27, 2021, available on Netflix.

This sci-fi anime takes place several thousand years in the future, where a city called “Eden 3” is inhabited exclusively by robots whose former owners are long gone. During a routine mission, two agricultural robots accidentally wake up a human baby and then begin to question everything they thought they knew – that humans are nothing more than an ancient myth. Together, the two robots secretly raise the child in a secluded and safe place outside of Eden.