Demon Slayer: 8 Anime Characters Who Can Easily Defeat Muzan

Muzan is perhaps the most grounded devil from Demon Slayer, yet these 10 other anime characters could bring him down without an issue.

Muzan is demonstrated to be a startlingly solid evil presence (the first of his sort) in the Demon Slayer universe. Despite the fact that fans scarcely got a brief look at his forces in the primary season, it was sufficient to establish the pace for Muzan to turn out to be maybe the most grounded opponent from his universe.

Obviously, outside his universe, there exist characters who are a lot more grounded than him and can without much of a stretch crush him inside merely seconds. Muzan would make some extreme memories attempting to remain alive if he somehow managed to battle these rivals in their own turf (also known as their own universe), when contrasted with the Demon Slayer universe where Muzan is the most grounded evil spirit in presence.

8.Tatsumaki: An S-Class Superheroine Who Can Lift An Entire City In Minutes If She Wished (One-Punch Man)

Tatsumaki is an unreasonably incredible esper and a S-class legend, the most elevated position of all superheroes from the One Punch Man universe. Regardless of whether Muzan consolidated every one of the forces he had, he would be no counterpart for Tatsumaki’s psychokinetic yield, perceiving how she can lift Z-City without jeopardizing herself.

Her supernatural power powers permit her to battle against devil level rivals, tossing rocks the size of mountains at over the top rates. Also how her clairvoyant obstructions would be almost unthinkable for Muzan to infiltrate.

7.Azazel: Lucifer’s Trusted Demon Is A Force To Be Reckoned With (Rage Of Bahamut)

While Lucifer is depicted as a nonpartisan character, Azazel is his inverse. He’s demonstrated to be forceful and hot-headed, yet he never allows his feelings to hinder his fights. His weapons of decision are the destructive dark snakes he summons by means of dark enchantment that battle for his benefit.

He additionally has a more significant level of perseverance than Muzan, as seen when he figured out how to endure an assault by Belzebuth himself. In contrast to Muzan, he can move miles in no time and furthermore fly to evade Muzan’s assaults. The lone things that can execute Azazel are either lead celestial hosts or the individuals who have the force of the green stones – the two of which Muzan needs.

6.Krul: She’s An Immortal Vampire Who Runs At Hypersonic Speed (Seraph Of The End)

This Type 1 godlike vampire has improved faculties that assist her with distinguishing assaults a couple of moments before they hit her. She can likewise move at hypersonic speed, has Class 5 strength, and will not kick the bucket regardless of whether Muzan figured out how to wound her lethally.

This third ancestor vampire and Queen of Japan needn’t bother with an evil spirit sword (in contrast to her friends) since her beast strength is sufficient to slaughter anyone who hinders her. Like Muzan, the sun is her shortcoming, however dissimilar to him, she can bear being presented to the sun for 10 days in a row. Fundamentally, she’s boss to him every way under the sun, including her shortcoming.

5.Korosensei: This Creature Is Made Of Nearly Indestructible Material (Assassination Classroom)

Regardless of whether Korosensei’s body were destructible, Muzan would need to get him first, which would be unthinkable, perceiving how the animal goes at Mach 20. He likewise has cruelly quick reflexes and strength, which give him an edge against Muzan.

Regardless of whether Muzan by one way or another figured out how to get him, Korosensei could undoubtedly shed his skin or transform into fluid goo and free himself from his adversary’s hold. His guaranteed winner is psychologist to the size of a little ball inside an indestructible shell for a whole day, during which he could undoubtedly endure even a nuclear assault.

4.Berg Katze: This Alien’s Invisibility & Teleportation Powers Would Be A Great Asset Against Muzan (Gatchaman Crowds)

As the rival of Gatchaman Crowds, Berg Katze’s capacity to transport and become imperceptible at whatever point he wants would end up being two helpful forces with regards to fight. This is on the grounds that he can without much of a stretch befuddle his adversary in regards to his definite area, and afterward can undoubtedly utilize his tail to skewer and slaughter Muzan.

When in doubt, he can depend on his NOTE’s capacity to utilize Muzan’s most exceedingly terrible feelings of trepidation against him, delivering him unequipped for battling this outsider.

3.Saber: This Holy Servant Has An Inexhaustible Supply Of Superpowers & Weapons (The Fate Series)

Energy Projection, Magecraft, Forcefield Creation, and Air Manipulation are simply a portion of the numerous forces this sacred worker has. Regardless of whether she were to just depend on her weapons, a basic cut from her sacred Excalibur blade would bring about moment passing for an evil presence like Muzan.

An additional benefit she has is her Invisible Air Noble Phantasm, which would mean Muzan would have definitely no chance to get of telling how large her sword is or where it is, putting him in a tough spot.

2.Lucifer: Satan’s Right Hand Man Can Easily Give Muzan A Run For His Money (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)

Lucifer’s forces are on full presentation when he shows up in the anime. Divine blasts, energy-based shots, mind boggling perseverance are a portion of his numerous forces. His obscure sorcery capacities additionally assisted him with enduring a cut through his chest from the Hero Emilia’s holy messenger blade.

Best of all, since all his force is tackled from negative human feelings, it implies he’d never run out of energy and would, in the exceptionally least, effectively out-tire Muzan in a fight.

1.Yato: Muzan Is No Match For A God Who Has A History Of Murdering Other Gods & Their Shinki (Noragami)

This God of Calamity has a blood-filled past where he slaughtered extraordinary and divine creatures unpredictably with no one sufficiently able to battle him back. As he’s additionally the God of War, he’s magnificent with his blade, Yukine, which has divine forces of its own.

Also, Yato is close interminable. The lone thing that can slaughter him is either another God or Yukine’s debasement, prompting Yato’s cursing.