Review On Beats Flex Wireless Earphones

30-second survey

Update: The Beats Flex is currently accessible in two new tones, Smoke Gray and Flame Blue.

A half-year out from the Beats Flex dispatch, we actually feel a similar path about them: they’re reasonable, yet at the same time premium, earbuds from Beats. They have conventional Beats sound with a customary Beats plan and a significant number of similar highlights of different Beats earphones, yet at a quintessentially non-Beats cost.

A portion of those included highlights is the Apple W1 Wireless Chip, an inherent sensor for auto-play/stop, a 12-hour battery existence with Fast Fuel, and, our undisputed top choice, a laser slice miniature venting chamber to decrease in-ear pressure.

On paper, the Beats Flex is an incredible arrangement – be that as it may, invest some energy with them, and you’ll comprehend why the cost is the thing that it is.

Value examination and delivery date

The Beats Flex was declared on September 13, 2020, the very day as Apple’s iPhone 12 occasion, and dispatched in two tones – Beats Black and Yuzu Yellow – on Apple’s site October 21, preceding hitting all retailers on November 20.

On January 20, 2021, Beats added two more shading alternatives to Smoke Gray and Flame Blue that look pretty smooth.

The Beats Flex cost is set at $49.99 (£50, around AU$70), which makes them the least expensive remote earbuds the organization’s always dispatched, costing even not exactly the wired urBeats3. There are still some fair choices out there in that value range (see: Optoma Nuforce BE4 or OnePlus Bullets 2); however, they’re quite moderate for the normally top-notch brand.

It’s additionally significant that, with Apple eliminating the pack-in earphones from the most recent iPhones, the Beats Flex are the undeniable decision for people who need a couple of earbuds – and in case you’re just accepting them hence, all things considered, the Flex are a nice option in contrast to Apple’s typically dreary pack-in earbuds.


Even though Beats hasn’t said it to us straightforwardly, the Beats Flex is by all accounts an immediate spin-off of the more seasoned BeatsX Headphones that it delivered in 2016. Both are remote (yet not really remote like the Powerbeats Pro or Apple AirPods) and seem indistinguishable.

The earbuds themselves are very light (18.6g). However, the rope that runs between them is around 32 inches and folds over the rear of your neck. It’s somewhat bulky having a particularly long line fold over your neck and, as a matter of fact, having the two earbuds associated using a link isn’t actually what we’d think about the ideal arrangement in 2020.

All things considered, the link isn’t without its preferences: most importantly is the way that they’re more earnestly to lose than completely remote earbuds. The second is that the wire between the two buds can give a home to in-line volume controls, a multi-highlight button, and a greater battery, permitting the earphones to last more between charges.

Shouldn’t something be said about a play/stop button? All things considered, you can utilize the multi-include button. Yet, the Beats Flex is additionally outfitted with a sensor that will consequently stop the music when you take them off and continue the music when you set them back on. In addition to the fact that that is convenient, it can save you a huge load of battery life.

Talking about, charging is done through a USB-C port on the left half of the earbuds close to the volume controls. As per Beats, the earphones have 12-hour battery life and quick charging that can give 90 minutes of playback off a 10-minute charge.

The contrast between the Beats Flex and more costly Apple remote earbuds like the AirPods Pro is that the last uses the more current H1 Wireless Chip that empowers without hands Siri while the previous uses the more established W1 Chip. Other than sans hands Siri, the more costly H1 Chip upholds Bluetooth 5 versus the W1’s Bluetooth 4.2, which implies you’ll get a somewhat longer battery existence with the H1 Chip, as well.

Shockingly, however, we didn’t discover any of that to be a major issue. The W1 Chip is less exceptional than the H1; however, it actually takes care of business, and the semi-remote structure factor is sensible if somewhat cumbersome. Truth be told, up until now, the greatest issue of the Beats Flex’s plan is that they don’t accompany wingtips to make sure about them in your ear – without them, getting that ideal seal can be finicky and can come unraveled without any problem.

On a positive note, the Beats Flex accompanies a couple of various eartips – including some enormous and twofold spine tips – that can help make finding the ideal fit somewhat simpler.


In the wake of attempting a couple of mixes of ear tips, we, in the end, arrived on a nice seal and were at long last ready to try out the Beats Flex’s sound quality. What we heard is practically what you’d expect – a profound angular sound that emphasizes the highs and lows of the sound range to the mids’ detriment.

In our fourteen days with the earphones, we tuned in to many melodies on Amazon Prime Music and Spotify and have a smart thought of what you can expect as far as sound quality. What we discovered was that the sound quality was quite clear for a couple of in-ear drivers. Anyway, they don’t have an enormous soundstage to the sound. Fortunately, there wasn’t any quitter or deferral in the sound during our testing, which can be an issue with remote models, so soundness is a gigantic shelter for the Beats Flex.

While all tunes generally had a similar steep angular shape, a couple of models worth calling out were bass-substantial works of art like Rick James’ Super Freak and the high pitch rich Jackson 5’s ABC that really exemplified the rich high pitch and stout bass. Sadly these melodies likewise feature how iron-deficient the mids sound, so continue with alert. On that note, there’s likewise no genuine method to change the EQ in case you’re not content with the default sound – which is somewhat of a bummer.

Presently, in case you’re utilizing the Beats Flex with an iOS gadget, you’ll get prompts to adjust them to your Apple ID and iCloud – which, altogether, requires under a moment. In any case, if you use Android, you’ll need to combine them like a customary pair of Bluetooth earbuds, which accepts somewhat more as well as will affect the sound quality as the Beats Flex doesn’t uphold top of the line sound codecs like aptX or aptX HD – all you’ll discover here is SBC and AAC.

It’s a given, yet at this value, the Beats Flex likewise doesn’t offer commotion abrogation, by the same token. The privilege ear tips can help give some aloof commotion disengagement via fixing off your ear trench. Yet, there’s no extravagant clamor scratch-off tech within them to shut out undesirable commotion on your next plane flight.

The uplifting news here is that individuals we addressed with the earbuds said we sounded incredible – stunningly better than we did over speakerphone or different headsets. That is an immense plume in the Flex’s cap and could make them extraordinary work-from-home or making the rounds earphones.

You additionally can’t thump them for their battery life: you’ll get somewhat less than 12 hours of utilization for every charge, and charging requires about an hour or two. All things considered, on the off chance that you need some snappy charge to get from work back to the house, Fast Fuel (Beats’ name for quick charging) gives 90 minutes of battery life from just a 10-minute charge.

The last component that merits bringing up is that the Beats Flex – like all W1 or H1 Chip earphones – will have iOS’s new sound sharing element that permits you to divide music among two sets of earphones. It is anything but an executioner application using any means, yet it is pleasant if you’re in a house with numerous Apple or Beats earphones and like to share music.

Would it be a good idea for you to purchase the Beats Flex?

Get them if…

It would help if you had a modest pair of earphones for your new iPhone

With Apple eliminating pack-in earbuds from new iPhone boxes, the Beats Flex is a genuinely clear substitution on the off chance that you need a couple of earphones.

You love Beats and need a second pair of remote earbuds.

If you realize you love Beats’ sound quality and right now own a couple of better earbuds from the brand, the Flex is a strong second elective that you can toss in a sack and take with you. At $50 (£50, around AU$70), you won’t feel terrible on the off chance that you lose them, and they offer the majority of similar highlights as other, more costly Beats buds.

You’re continually neglecting to charge your earbuds.

On the off chance that you can’t make sure to charge your earphones, the Beats Flex with Fast Fuel is a smart thought to get. Since they can give 90 minutes of battery life from just a 10-minute charge, it’s no issue joining them to the charger when you’re in the shower and having them all set when you’re set.

Try not to get them if…

It would help if you had the best stable quality or premium highlights.

It shouldn’t shock you that, at $50 (£50, around AU$70), the Beats Flex doesn’t have each front line highlight like without hands Siri or dynamic commotion wiping out, and the sound quality is simply OK contrasted with some better quality earbuds. On the off chance that that stuff matters to you more than the name, at that point, perhaps the Beats Flex aren’t ideal for you.

You struggle to get earbuds to remain in your ears.

We test many earbuds consistently, and not many of them are offered as poor of a fit as the new Beats Flex. Without wingtips to hold them in, the Flex can undoubtedly drop out, settling on them a helpless decision for the exercise group and any individual who’s consistently had issues keeping earbuds situated appropriately. On the off chance that you fall into that camp, we can’t suggest the Beats Flex for you.