Offers on iPhone 11,iPhone SE and Motorola Phones in Flipkart Electronics Sale Starting From December 26

This year that is, 2020, is coming to an end with everything that was never expected to happen in this year. To bid farewell to this year and expect the next year to be better than this year, Flipkart is coming up with an Electronics Sale for the people who are in the thought of changing their device before they set it into the new year.

The Flipkart Electronics Sale will be going live after December 26. The Sale will include premium phones like iPhone 11,iPhone SE, and Motorola phones. It was obvious that after the launch of the iPhone 12 and also the future launch of the iPhone 13, the price of previous versions like the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE will eventually decrease that due to the growing demand for the new phones.

Offers on iPhone 11,iPhone SE and Motorola Phones in Flipkart Electronics Sale Starting From December 26
Offers on iPhone 11,iPhone SE, and Motorola Phones in Flipkart Electronics Sale Starting From December 26

Start your next year with a brand new phone with Flipkart’s Electronics Sale.

Flipkart is trying to make some good memories for this year, and before setting in for the next year, it is planning to have an Electronics Sale that will be happening from December 26 to December 28. The Flipkart Electronics Sale will include special discounts on products of Electronics with smartphones. Currently, if you open the Flipkart home page, you will see the details of the Sale and what products will be discounted on the Electronics Sale with the Price mentioned for each product. So, just log into your Flipkart account and experience the Electronics Sale if you want to make a transition to a new device before 2021.

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What’s Flipkart has to offer in the upcoming Electronics Sale?

As per the details we have received, the Sale will include the majority of the Electronics items, which may also include smartphones. Smartphones that may be part of this Electronics Sale may be of premium class.

•The iPhone 11 Pro will be available at the best price or ₹79 999 at the Flipkart Electronics Sale, which means that you will save a huge ₹20, 000 if you get the phone in this Sale.

•The Realme X3 was earlier priced at ₹27, 999, and now at this Sale, it will be at ₹23, 999. This is sold as a superzoom phone by Realme, and this will come with a 128 GB + 8 GB storage variant with a powerful Snapdragon 855+ processor.

•There will be a new smartphone genre of Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor with the new Moto G 5G phone, which will be available at ₹19, 999 in comparison to the original price of ₹20, 999. But, to mention that this price will only be applicable to ICICI and HDFC Bank holders.

Also, to mention that there are more discounts applicable to HDFC and ICICI Bank and cardholders. Always customers of these Bank get a special discount in various Sale by various E-Commerce platforms that go online from time to time.

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