Christopher Nolan Despises Warner Brothers' Plan For Their Upcoming Films
Christopher Nolan Despises Warner Brothers' Plan For Their Upcoming Films

Christopher Nolan Despises Warner Brothers’ Plan For Their Upcoming Films

Warner Brothers have Christopher Nolan as one of their most prestigious filmmakers in the industry. As of right now, he has come out strongly against the production company’s decision to release films at the same time on HBO Max as well as theatres. Warner Brothers will be doing this for their entire slate of 2021 films. This filmmaker of Tenet has revealed to the Associated Press back on Monday that this decision is not a good business deal. He even criticized how the company is handling all of this pandemic film release situation.

Nolan disclosed that it is surely a unilateral decision that has been taken by the studio because they did not even tell this to the people who are involved. According to him, this decision by Warner Brothers comes out as a slam in the face to all the filmmakers who have worked with passion as well as diligence for years on a variety of projects that are intended to be feature films and they have a fantastic movie cast. But as of right now, Christopher says that they all have been told that they have become a loss leader for a fledgling streaming service.

Christopher Nolan on the set of Tenet

Christopher Nolan disagrees with Warner Bros’ decision for their slate of 2021 films!

Well, it was just last week that the company announced the future of their entire 2021 film slate. This list includes highly anticipated tales such as Matrix 4, Dune as well as In the Heights. Titles such as these are scheduled to release on its streaming service along with the theatres on the same day in the United States. This news has obviously shaken the whole of Hollywood as well as the theatre industry. There are various people who are doing doomsday predictions about it. As Nolan has rightly said that he has never witnessed everyone so upset about one decision in particular.

All the while, the press outlets also had Chief Adam Aron from AMC Theatres who has slammed this decision just last week. Although, there were literally no in house makers who spoke about this fact until we had Nolan stand up for himself. Nolan can be considered as one of the marquee names available in the Warner Brothers Studio. He has executed some awesome films starting from Insomnia from 2002 to The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as Inception and Dunkirk.

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Warner Brothers think that releasing films on HBO Max as well as theatres is a good option!

They have all proven to be highly successful as well as acclaimed by the critics. Christopher says that this decision is wrong and is surely not one of the best business decisions made by Warner Brothers. According to him, it is all just a bit of a mess. Although, it is not what the studios say as they have potentially declined the comment. Tenet can be considered as Christopher Nolan’s biggest thriller that stars John David Washington as well as Robert Pattinson. Tenet’s genre is all about science as well as fiction.

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