Hugh Keays Byrne: The Star From "Mad Max: Fury Road" Dies Aged 73
Hugh Keays Byrne: The Star From "Mad Max: Fury Road" Dies Aged 73

Hugh Keays Byrne: The Star From “Mad Max: Fury Road” Dies Aged 73

Hugh Keays Byrne, the man who played the role of a villain Toecutter in Mad Max and has come back as Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road, has now died when he 73 years of age. The man was born on the 18th of May 1947 in Srinagar, Kashmir located in India. He had two British parents and grew up in England. He started his career of acting in the 60s.

The actor did a variety of roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company. When he was doing a role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream that was set in Australia, he decided he wanted to stay in the company. This decision immediately started his film career. His first time coming on the big screen was in 1974 when his film Stone came out. He did the role of Toad who was a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Hugh Keays Byrne in Mad Max

Hugh Keays Byrne dies at the age of 73!

Later the next year, he was cast in the film called The Man from Hong Kong. It happened to be a James Bond parody that starred former Bond, that is, George Lazenby. He did several other small roles in films throughout the 70s. Although, everything culminates with his breakout role in the form of a Toecutter. This character is a deranged villain the Mad Max by George Miller. Keays Byrne ate up the screen as an opposite to the film’s lead, that is, Mel Gibson.

Then, he came back to the franchise to do his role on Mad Max: Fury Road. Here, he again played the role of a villain, that is, Immortan Joe. This was a terrifying turn in the form of a masked, huge breathing monster who is hunting down all of his stolen wives. In between these two roles, we witnessed Keays Byrne starring in a lot of Australian films as well as TV series. He has also featured in the cult hits such as Farscape back in the 2000s. It was a science and fiction genre tale and he did the role of Grunchlk.

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Here is what his fellow mates had to say!

At the grievous moment of his death, Ted Geoghegan wrote for him on Twitter. He mentioned how the iconic ctor has passed away on Tuesday when he 73 years of age. Geoghegan paid tribute to the performances did by the actor in the franchise of Mad Max. He also mentioned that Keays was a devoted environmentalist as well as humanitarian. This news was also confirmed on Facebook by Brian Trenchard Smith who is a British director.

He had cast Keays Byrne in The Man From Hong Kong. Trenchard Smith paid his share of memoirs to Keays Byrne and the sense of humor he had. He also wrote how the actor had a great consciousness about his social well being. Their tributes are mentioned in this article. All this while, we know that Keays Byrne had a wide career with a variety of roles. Nevertheless, he will surely be remembered for his dual roles in the franchise set for Mad Max.

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