Prison Break Season 6: Wentworth Miller Will No Longer be a Part of the show Anymore
Prison Break Season 6: Wentworth Miller Will No Longer be a Part of the show Anymore

Prison Break Season 6: Wentworth Miller Will No Longer be a Part of the show Anymore

Prison Break season 6 has been rumored about for several years till this point in time. But as we have seen, the future of the series is a topic which is quite a hurdle to overcome. This is most crucial when even a member from the show has departed. Wentworth Miller is the actor who reprised the role of Michael Scofield on this show. the genre of the series is all about crime as well as drama. He has revealed that he is not going to come back for any more episodes of the show.

It is because he just wants to focus his career on showcasing the LGBTQ+ characters. This sudden exit of the star has left a variety of fans disappointed. It is because the story of Michael is not going to continue any further. Well, there even are a variety of people who suggests that this actor would come out as gay. Thus, he will go on and pursue a relationship with Theodore Bagwell. This character is enacted by actor Robert Knepper.

Prison Break: A still from the previous season

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Miller won’t come back on Prison Break season 6

Miller, although, had a problem with this suggestion. He revealed his views that a convicted murderer, as well as a rapist like T Bag, is a despicable character for some audiences. He is the closest thing that he would not want to represent the LGBT+ community. Also, he says that all of these stories matter a lot. It is because we never know who is watching from which part of the world, and obviously, balanced and responsible storytelling matters a lot. Well, it seems like Miller is going to stick to his original plan to permanently leave his work on Prison Break.

It is because he intends to give his sole representation to all the LGBTQ+ community and that too, in a positive way. He wants to provide hope to all of those who are coming to terms with their identity. However, the series could still come back without him. I mean, Dominic Purcell, his co-star, is still on board with the advancement of the show. Also, at this point in time, there literally is zero news about Prison Break season 6 from the original broadcaster FOX. Although, Dominic Purcell seems certain that the series is surely on its way to the fans one more time.

Here is what Dominic Purcell has said about Prison Break season 6

Dominic Purcell has even starred along with Wentworth Miller in The Flash as well as Legends of Tomorrow. He shared a picture on his Instagram, revealing answers to a variety of questions. He did this back in September, but now that post is deleted. In these, he talked about the potential rumors of the show’s season 6 and said that yes, it might happen. However, all of these plans could actually change now that Miller has exited from the show. All this while, everyone should always hope for the best to happen.

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