In/Spectre season 2
In/Spectre season 2

In/Spectre season 2: The New Season Might Feature A Wedding

Well, all the people who have already binge-watched the first installment of In/Spectre must be quite aware of the fact that this animated series is literally the best. It is a dialogue-heavy slow burn that excels in the genre of mystery and thrill. Although, the trailer of the first installment has given no sign of the slow pacing of the series.

In fact, we all witnessed how this animated sho was packed with horror. This is exactly why a variety of viewers were disappointed by this show. Although the most charming aspect of the show was obviously the interactions between the protagonists, that is, Iwanaga Kotoko as well as Sakuragawa Kuro. We have already seen how their duo is excellently displayed in the second season’s announcement teaser.

In/Spectre season 2
In/Spectre season 2

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In/Spectre season 2― It shows us a wedding trailer!

We know how Kotuko is the goddess of wisdom for the universe, containing yokai or even specters. It is tasked with solving a variety of problems that could even threaten the yokai. Later in the scenes, we have seen how Kuro has received the power to witness the future every time he across his own death. This started happening after his own family experimented on him with the meat of yokai.

Thus, every yokai fears this character as if he is some monster or so. All this while, we have acknowledged how Kotoku is highly attracted by Kuro, but it is Kuro who is quite hesitant to accept the advances made by Kotoku. Although, this team makes a super team be detectives about supernatural powers.

In/Spectre season 2 ― Story of Kotoko and Koru!

These interactions that happen between Kotuko and Koru are actually a great combination of hilarity as well as sweetness. This is when Kuro outright rejects the invitations sent by Kotoko but still helps her with her entire mission. He does so even though he is dragged into all these scenarios forcefully. All this while, there is no official footage that has been released regarding the second installment. But we can all witness that this video clip shows a bit of a romantic comedy sort of touch, which was lacking in the first installment.

In the teaser, we can see that Kotoko is a love-struck young woman who falls for Kuro at first sight. Although, she has to fight off a lot of romantic rivals that might come her way, and this list includes the ex-girlfriend as well as his first crush and also a big-breasted idol ghost. Although the hilarious aspect of this trailer is the whole contrast between the cheerful narration of Kotoko. Also, throughout the trailer, we see that Kuro is quite disinterested whenever he is around Kotoko

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