In the Q3 2020, Samsung Leaves Behind Huawei in Russian Smartphone Market
In the Q3 2020, Samsung Leaves Behind Huawei in Russian Smartphone Market

In the Q3 2020, Samsung Leaves Behind Huawei in Russian Smartphone Market

The smartphone market never turns down, and you will always see an upward trend in the sale of smartphones. Another plus point to this is Smartphone sales online; people prefer buying smartphones of their choice online rather than visiting an offline store. This online buying of smartphones is a very popular trend all over the world.

In the 3rd quarter of the financial year 2020 (Q3 2020), the Russian smartphone markets saw a growth of 5% in terms of sales. At the same time, the volume of sales on the online platform for smartphones have almost doubled than the previous quarter.

Samsung leading the race in smartphone sales in Q3 2020 in Russia

The main reason for the boom in the online sale was because of the restrictions that were prevailing due to covid 19, which involves social distancing and various advisories preventing the people from stepping out of the body.

Smartphone sales had a market share of 34% in the Q3 of 2020 in the Russian market.

Also, as seen from the data, the online sale of smartphones by the Huawei marketplace also acquired a market dominance of 27.8%. The largest online platform in terms of the sales of smartphones is Video- Eldorado. This list is further followed by platforms like Svyaznoy and MTS.

As per the data, the online smartphone selling platform Video Eldorado saw a decline in their sales by 2% that is from 35% growth in Q2 2020 to 33% growth in Q3 2020. However, it is seen that other players in the online platform like Beeline, Citilink, and Megafon saw an upward trend and manage to gain an improved market share in the Russian smartphone market.

Samsung A51 and A31 were most selling devices in Q3
Samsung A51 and A31 were the most selling devices in Q3 2020

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How are other smartphone brands doing?

Samsung gained the top position in the volumes of its sales both in online and offline platforms. The other brands in the list after Samsung are Apple and Huawei.

Though it is seen that smartphone price in the Q3 2020 fell by 5% to reach the bottom mark of $ 224 mostly due to the covid 19 implications as the market felt that people would not be buying smartphones owing to loss of their jobs and business. But things didn’t go that way, and like in all other markets, the smartphone market too performed well, and we would see a surge in price in the next quarter.

It is very good to see that brands like Samsung and Apple still managed to make their mark and do well in business.

If you see that the sentiments of the people, the online customers preferred buying Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy A31, and Apple iPhone 11 remained their first choice. While for offline customers, their choice ranged mostly for Samsung Galaxy A51 and Redmi Note 8T. It can be seen that Samsung devices did very well in terms of sales in both online and offline mediums.

With the smartphone market are flourishing with 5G phones, it is best to see the smartphone market status in the next quarter. Xiaomi, as they did in India, wanted to leave behind Samsung due to the competitive pricing as Xiaomi did the same with Samsung in India as well.

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