Own a New Xbox Controller Consoles for $40 on Sale
Own a New Xbox Controller Consoles for $40 on Sale

Own a New Xbox Controller Console for $40 on Sale, Works on PCs as Well

Everyone gets excited about the news when it comes to the surface about Xbox consoles, from the house of Sony or Microsoft. You may find it difficult to find Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S but the Xbox controller consoles are for sale o Best Buy and Microsoft’s Website.

The price and the e-commerce site to get the new Xbox console

Ahead of the best Black Friday tech deals on the site of Best Buy, where you can get the all-new Xbox console at a very reasonable price of $40. It is said that the Xbox console is available on Microsoft’s website also.

As mentioned on Best Buy’s website, the Xbox series X and Series S Controller are available in two colors: robot, white and other is Black. There is a premium version of the Blue color console for which you need to pay a bit extra, which may be around $44.99 (on sale price).

It is also mentioned on the Best Buy website that the initial prices of these Xbox consoles were $59.99 for each variant but currently at the lowest price of $39.99 for each variant.

Own a New Xbox Controller Consoles for $40 on Sale
Get your New Xbox consoles at $40

Changes to the Series X of the Xbox consoles-

Xbox Series X consoles don’t offer any significant difference from the previous Xbox One controller.

Still, to make a slight change, the new Xbox has a noticeable feature, the D-pad looks like the Elite controller-style grid. Other changes that users experienced are in the new Xbox has a Share button in the center, while this new Xbox console has a matte finish, which gives an exquisite look and feel while using the console. The feeling of the grip is experienced on the backside of the console; while using the Xbox console, users will feel the luxurious feeling.

You will also be delighted to know that these new Xbox consoles will also work on PCs. The consoles can be used on PCs are getting it connected with the Bluetooth.

Almost all the controllers are almost ranged above the mark of $40; if you were looking to own an Xbox console, then you can’t let this deal go away. You are just a step away from grabbing the all-new Xbox console at just $40

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