Diego Maradona Dies Of Heart Failure At The Age Of 60
Diego Maradona Dies Of Heart Failure At The Age Of 60

Diego Maradona Dies Of Heart Failure At The Age Of 60

Diego Maradona is a soccer player who belongs to the Argentinian team. Various reports have come out now that reveals that this iconic player passed away at 60 years in age. It was all because his heart stopped working. The main cause of death was acute secondary lung edema to exacerbated chronic heart failure. You guys should know that heart failure is a chronic condition which literally damages the ability of a person’s heart to pump blood. All the fluid can go to the lungs because of this.

This type of condition is popularly known as pulmonary edema. It is a problem which is increasing rapidly and often proves to be a fatal one. The Argentina Football Association has confirmed the death of their ex-player back on Wednesday. They even posted a short message on their social media platforms. They tweeted that the Argentine Football Association through their President, that we, Claudio Tapia, are now expressing their deepest grief for the death of their legend.

Diego Maranado passes away at 60

Diego Maradona passes away at 60 years of age because of heart failure!

They say that Diego Armando Maradona will always remain in all of their hearts. Maradona is even regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the game. He even has become a household name after he inspired his country to win World Cup glory back in 1986. The iconic player went on to take a center stage at that tournament. He even cast a very memorable performance. Their team was playing against the English team.

Here, in this match, he scored an iconic goal that he later revealed to be the Hand of God. Peter Shilton was the keeper of the team at that time and he even did a diminutive forward out jump. Later, he pumped the ball into the net. Even after this obvious handball incident, the goal was all allowed to stand because the referee did not witness the foul. Later in the same game, the iconic player even scored one of his best goals in history after he paved his way through seven English defenders who were trying to stop him.

Diego Maranado winning a match

Here is what the Argentinian President had to say in this grieving moment!

Well, there also were some of the other controversies that marked his glittering career. Also, the kind of notorious life that he lived, led him to alcoholism as well as addiction. The President of Argentina announced approximately three days of national mourning for the passing away of this great football player. Even he posted a tweet in order to tribute the existence of Maradona. The President said that it was Maradona who took their country to the top of the world and made everyone feels incredibly happy. He says that Maradona was the greatest of all and then in the conclusion, the President thanked him for existing.

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