Black Panther 2: Marvel Sources Reveal Plans For Filming
Black Panther 2: Marvel Sources Reveal Plans For Filming

Black Panther 2: Marvel Sources Reveal Plans For Filming

Well, all the plans that Marvel had in store for Black Panther 2 are now taking shape. The notice from this sequel was removed after we witnessed the unfortunate death of actor Chadwick Boseman. Earlier, there were concrete plans that the production will start in March of 2021. But all of these were sidelined when Ryan Coogler, the filmmaker of this project as well as Marvel, were trying to move past this scenario of grief. However, other major factors such as the spread of fatal Corona Virus also marks a meaningful impact on the delays happening.

Nevertheless, Marvel is set to enter the busiest year ever, that is, 2021. It is because the company will drop off not only films but also shows on Disney plus. There are a variety of sources of The Hollywood Reporter that tells that Marvel is now working on a Black Panther sequel. The process of filming for this project is set to start in July of 2021. The location is set for Atlanta and might go on for 6 months. Also, according to the trustable sources of THR, actor Tenoch Huerta is currently in talks to play the character of one of the major antagonists.

Black Panther 2 will start filming soon

Black Panther 2 ― Filming will start on July 15.

Previously we have seen the actor in the show called Narcos: Mexico by Netflix. All this while, Marvel has given away no sorts of comments on this story. The company has not even revealed its plans on how they are going to proceed without Chadwick in the main role. Although, one thing is for sure that the creators will not use CGI to include the star in this film. Also, we have seen how Black Panther is receiving such special attention from the media. But the major issue lie is with all the Disney plus series.

It is because they are under heavy scrutiny from Kevin Feige and all of his executives. One of the sources says that the series is surely a great priority right now but making them requires a lot of focus. At the same point in time, the movie machinery of these tales is pretty much established. Later in March of 2021, it is said that the studio run by Kevin Feige will start the process of production on She-Hulk. This tale is et to star Tatiana Maslany. The show is going to come out on Disney Plus as Marvel Studios leans on to the studio to deliver.

What is the status of other Marvel Shows?

As per the statement given by Bob Chapek, who is the CEO of Disney, it is a world-class content based on a franchise. All this while, we have WandaVision which stars actress Elizabeth Olsen as well as Paul Bettany lined up for a release. It is set to drop on Disney plus on the 15th of January 2020. Also, the studios are aiming to complete their work of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as well as Loki. Both of these shows were partially shot before the Corona Virus pandemic.

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