EA to soon launch first $70 next gen-title, also confirms to raise process of PS5 and Series X
EA to soon launch first $70 next gen-title, also confirms to raise process of PS5 and Series X

EA to soon launch first $70 next gen-title, also confirms to raise process of PS5 and Series X

Electronic Arts (EA) is the name to fame brand in the industry of games; right from computer games to any Play-station game, EA sports have covered it all.

Recently we saw major big game publishers had taken a leap by raising the prices of its games when taken on next-gen consoles. The names include gaming making companies like Gearbox, Take-two, Activision, and Sony.

Almost all the above-mentioned firms are charging a bit expensive side than before, which is $70 for their PS5 or Xbox release version of their game.

Now Electronic Arts (EA) is also trying to flow with the waterway by increasing their game price to $70 benchmark with its upcoming next-gen version of Madden NFL 21 on the Play Station 5 and Xbox version of the game.

This new edition called NXT LVL will let the users get the next higher gen version of the game without upgrading the older console. The game’s team mode may also see some changes but yet what changes we’ll get is unknown as it is not yet made officially by EA.

Also, in the company‘s recent quarterly investors call, EA’s COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen said that his company would definitely take a call on the pricing on the next-gen games in the near future.

According to Blake, increasing the next-gen game price will give the company liberty to increase the gaming experience deeper, which may indulge them longer than before, and he seems in future it may turn out more expensive.

Users can also see the coming games under EA’s name like Madden NFL 22 to get expensive after the company’s COO‘s statement. Madden NFL 22 is expected to reach your PS by next year.

Blake Jorgensen also said that the games are made a bit expensive to bear the cost of the transition from the older to the next-gen console.

With all the developments taking place, Microsoft has also planned to raise the prices to be part of this trend that all company has been an active part.

The next-gen games are seen as a good venture to get good returns. People preferring to remain indoors with the pandemic don’t see any terminating point. People will like to experience the gaming experience of the next-gen games on their Play Stations.

This time was the best time to lift the prices of the games by the company to increase their revenues and invest heavily in the research and development of the future games, thereby enriching the users’ experience without much hassle for the users to change to new consoles.

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