Sweet Magnolias season 2: Confirmed Officially By Netflix
Sweet Magnolias season 2: Confirmed Officially By Netflix

Sweet Magnolias season 2: Confirmed Officially By Netflix

Sweet Magnolias can be considered one of the gems currently present in the library of Netflix Original content. As of right now, the creators have announced that Sweet Magnolias season 2 is a confirmed thing. This official news came out back in the Summer of 2020. Sheryl J. Anderson has created the series. She is popularly known in the industry of entertainment for her works on successful projects such as Charmed as well as Ties that Bind. Back on the 23rd of July 2020, the streaming giant officially announced that the series is on the cards to return for a new installment.

At this point, Sheryll surely had something to say. Anderson disclosed how she is thrilled, along with excited to be backed by a cast list and a team that she loves and adores so much. She says this news comes out as such a valentine to every person who has worked so hard to make Serenity a beautiful place. She also revealed how JoAnna and Brooke and Heather, and her (of course) were jumping up and down while texting each other about the official announcement. She says the four if they look forward to doing this all over again in a Zoom meeting.

Sweet Magnolias season 2
Sweet Magnolias season 1: A still from the episodes

Sweet Magnolias season 2 ― Returning cast members and Plot details!

Right now, only a few members have been confirmed to come back for Sweet Magnolias season 2. IMDb has given this list away. It includes Brooke Elliot reprising the role of Dana Sue Sullivan. JoAnna Garcia enacting the character of Maddie Townsend. Heather Headley is playing the game part of Helen Decatur. Carson Rowland reprising the role of Tyler Townsend. Also, we can expect the list to grow once the production starts.

Well, fans do have a lot of queries that need a solution in Sweet Magnolias season 2. They arise, especially after the dramatic way the first installment came to an end. The last 10 minutes of the show literally raised so many questions. This particular cliffhanger set at the end of Sweet Magnolias season 1 happens after the prom celebration. The scenes have to lead to a car crash. We also have acknowledged how Kyle is unconscious right now. The main doubt lies in the fact that who is present at the passenger seat with Kyle.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 ― What will happen in the new installment?

However, it was never revealed in this outing, so we expect this question to get resolved in the second one. At the same point in time, Maddie is already in a hectic state of mind. Her ex-partner has suggested that they try and give their relationship another chance. He has also used her kids as a good reason to give to all a shot. At the same time, we see how Helen has split from her on and off boyfriend. It will be very intriguing to see what happens in this direction. Given the fact that she desperately wants to have a child, the story might take unusual turns. Even Dana has her own set of issues.

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