NVIDA A100 80GB GPU is going to make twice the memory of its predecessor
NVIDA A100 80GB GPU is going to make twice the memory of its predecessor

NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU is going to make twice the memory of its predecessor

It had only in May of this year when NVIDIA announced that they would launch a potent GPU called A100. This card was initially launched for data centers to store huge data, but now they have made it for the general public.
Yes, you read that right, now you would be able to get the powerful GPU used at huge data centers at your home.

NVIDIA claims that data center performance without a data center. This means that the user can easily plug the GPU into his standard wall outlet, and that’s it. He will be opened to a new powerful GPU experience.

Like the earlier DGX A100, the new DGX station A100 is meant for science and business users.
As it is power-packed with heavy crunching datasets will help in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It may be released in a 40GB model and another 80GB of DGX station A100, which as its name resembles it’s a very desk-bound workstation.
If the customers go for the 80 GB variant, imagine the user will have 320 GB of GPU memory to play.

Some special things about all new DGX station A100 –

•It will not require a data center- graded cooling system.

•It will have a 64- core AMD CPU with 512 GB of memory and a 7.68TB NVME SSD.

•It becomes the sole workgroup server that will support NVIDIA’s Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology; the company gave this information in a press release.

•For allowing Multiple and parallel jobs and access to users, DGX A100 provides 28 separate GPU instances.

•Some of DGX’s already acquired big-name customers are NTT Docomo, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, and BMW for their focussed research-based work that relies on Artificial intelligence (AI).

The power pack box remains unexplored because NVIDIA had recently announced that their users would get 80 GB GPU with the new DGX A100. Which makes the memory capacity twice, and now it stands at 640 GB per system.

Its customers who have purchased DGX A100 with four 40 GB A100 cards ( 320 GB) will be given an option to upgrade in the future.
Still, NVIDIA hasn’t officially announced its new entity’s price, but the original model stands for $199 000.

It’s not simple as NVIDIA justifies it; to get 80 GB GPU at your home, you will need to definitely modify some hardware for the same, making it possible to experience the powerful GPU. But, this will surely heat your pockets till it doesn’t bother you.

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