Intel 11th generation core tiger lake H processor Appears
Intel 11th generation core tiger lake H processor Appears

Intel 11th generation core tiger lake H processor Appears

The wait is now finally over, with Intel’s official confirmation says that they will soon launch their Tiger Lake -H High – Performance 10nm CPU’s may be coming in the first half of 2021.

Intel Corporation, an American company, is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, computer circuits. Intel had been the leading company in the microprocessors industry for the last 2 decades.

In the past, Intel had been launched outstanding IT products that had helped the developing nations boost the economy of their country.

Intel since its initial days when it introduced Pentium processor, and with this coming days, it is now all set to launch its 11th generation core tiger Lake H processor.

Way back in September this year, when Intel launched its Tiger-U processor.

The U here stands for “ultra-portable” devices, and here in Tiger-H, H stands for high-performance graphics.

The processor is said to be tested on a platform named “Insyde TigerLake.” In this working operation, it was found that the processor was running on 8 cores and 16 threads and at the average frequency of 2.75 GHz. But this is only an experiment kind of thing, but actual and final frequencies will be only be known to users once the product gets launched and is reviewed may be in May-June in the coming years, i.e., 2021.

Needless to say, this all-new Intel 11th generation Tiger H core CPU is a willow cove based design manufactured on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin silicon node.

In the 10th generation, Intel tried to blend a unique combination: Intel tried to combine quad-core and Hexacore, so it will be interesting to see what Intel has in store this time when it comes with the 11th generation Tiger H processor.

We have briefly listed down all the essential feature of Intel 11th generation Tiger -H processor-

• New Willow Cover cores –
Up to 4 cores / 8 threads up to 4.8 GHz.

• New Converged Chassis Fabric-
High bandwidth and low latency IP and score scalable

•New memory Controller-Controller- LP4/x-4266 4×32b up to 32GB
DDR4-3200 2×64b up to 64GB

•1st Integrated Thunderbolt 4
Full 4x DP/USB/PCle mux on-die up to 40 Gbps bi-directional per port.

•New 2x Media Encoders- Up to 4K60 10b 4:4:4
Up to 8K30 10b 4:2:0

•New image processing unit(IPU6) –
Video up to 4K90 resolutions (initially 4K30)
Still image up to 42 Megapixels (Initially 27 MP)

•1st integrated PCle Gen 4 (CPU) –
Low latency, high bandwidth SSD or Discrete Graphics Direct CPU Attach

•New Iris X Graphics-
Up to 96E- up to 2x Higher performance Intel deep learning Boost: DP4A for Artificial intelligence ( AI)

•New GNA 2.0-
Enhanced Power Management
Autonomous DVFS

•New 4 x Display Pipes-
Up to 1 x 8K60 or 4 x 4K60
DP 1.4 HBR3, BT. 2020

But now users have to wait for more than 6 months to experience the ultimate 11th generation Processor; Intel had officially said that it would soon launch the new processor has left users in jeopardy that should they opt for the 10th generation or wait for the 11th generation Intel processors.

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