Disney+Hotstar Has Over 18.5 Million Paid Subscribers Raises Disney+ to 73.7 million
Disney+Hotstar Has Over 18.5 Million Paid Subscribers Raises Disney+ to 73.7 million

Disney+Hotstar Has Over 18.5 Million Paid Subscribers Raises Disney+ to 73.7 million

Disney Plus Hotstar, as of right now, has over 18.5 million subscribers who pay them regularly. This graph has now taken the line of Disney Plus alone to 73.7 million worldwide. Christine McCarthy is the senior executive vice president, as well as the chief financial officer. She disclosed that these numbers during the streaming giant’s quarterly earnings call back on Thursday. She also revealed the fact that Disney Plus, as well as Disney Plus Hotstar, has added over 16 million subscribers this past quarter.

It is actually July through September. She says that the latter one has helped their company a lot. It is also because of the recently concluded 2020 IPL season. All this while, IPL is available to all the people only if they opt for the annual only Disney Plus Hotstar VIP plan. Thus, a person can expect people/subscribers to stay for at least a year for now. McCarthy even spoke to various analysts and said that Disney Plus had ended Q4 along with 73.7 million paid subscribers.

Disney Plus Hotstar now has 16 million paid subscribers in India!

This estimate is approximately 16 million more subscribers versus the Q3. The officials say that Disney Plus Hotstar subscriber additions were actually the largest contributor to this rise. It was also driven by the start of the delayed IPL season. Disney Plus Hotstar, she says, now make up for a little over a quarter of their subscriber base. It is the overall ARPU, and this quarter was 4.52 US dollars. McCarthy says that if we exclude this count, it was just 5.30 US dollars.

Back in April, it was the first time that Disney has given away the official number of its Hotstar streaming service. They noted how it was a decent amount of 8 million paid subscribers. Such new numbers only indicate the fact that Disney Plus Hotstar has now doubled its subscriber base. Well, it should be known that these numbers might not be fully made up by the spurt created by the Indian Premier League, also known as IPL. It is actually the annual Twenty20 cricket tournament. The reason behind it is that the quarter of Disney ended back on the 3rd of October, and IPL’s 2020 season wrapped up later on the 11th of November.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have not released their estimates for the 2020 streaming season!

Disney Plus Hotstar is now available to all the people residing in India as well as Indonesia. It launched at the start of November, where Disney plans to have its streaming service separately introduced. Well, all this while, there is not much clarity on the number of paid subscribers meant for Disney Plus Hotstar and its biggest competition, that is, Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. A report released by Media Markets Asia ensures that Netflix will end with 4.6 million paid subscribers in India. In comparison, Amazon Prime Video shall have 4.4 million paid subscribers.

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