Irregular at Magic High School: Here Is What The Future Holds For This Anime Series
Irregular at Magic High School: Here Is What The Future Holds For This Anime Series

Irregular at Magic High School: Here Is What The Future Holds For This Anime Series

After we saw the last few episodes that were fully packed with action, it was pretty nice to acknowledge the whole cast members of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. That event can mainly be considered as a Slice of Life situation. It was such a nice breath of fresh air because the show did not go off the tangent totally. We also see the plot getting a tie directly into the story. All this while, there is various information regarding the Seven Sages.

It is being said that they will have an involvement in the appearance of such parasites. We are also going to witness Pixie, who is the girl belonging to Robotics Club. Parasites finally possess her, but now, she is finally awake. It will be an interesting topic to see how Tatsuya is going to save her. We should then go on and talk about the next episode of Irregular at Magic High School. The forthcoming episode 7 of Irregular at Magic High School is titled Visitor Arc VII. It is scheduled to release on Sunday, that is, the 15th of November 2020.

Irregular at Magic High School: A still from the show

Irregular at Magic High School ― Will a season 2 ever happen?

The show has proved itself to be one of the most popular animated series in the world. It would help if you guys also kept in mind that Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is an animated series that comes out weekly. The creators drop new episodes in the season every Sunday. Also, here we have a piece of great news for you guys, there is no delay in broadcasting the seventh episode of Irregular at Magic High School.

We know how the parasites have self-destructed their previous host, that is, Mia. Thus, they now have made up their mind to opt for Pixie as their new target. This girl belongs to the robotics club. She has a little role in Yokohama Arc. Also, in the next episode, we will see that Pixie is now awake. Thus, she will carry on the task of ruining the whole environment in the next episode. All of this will be so exciting to see. We will also come to know how Tatsuya will handle this task because she is someone he knows.

Irregular at Magic High School ― What is next in the plot for us?

He is bound not to kill her and can not even let her self destruct herself just like it happened last time. In the last episode, we saw Silvie getting an order from the General Staff Office to come home. It is because she is not good enough to finish her rear role in this mission. Their partition was then disturbed by the happenstance of Colonel Virginia. He gives Lina a chance to vindicate herself for being defeated in a magical sort of combat. Well, this is intriguing because she is literally the strongest magician in the military. Then we see that Tatsuya goes on practicing at the Kyuchoji temple. He does so using attacking a parasite, which is drifting through the sea of information.

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