Microsoft's Xbox Series X Console Battle begins

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Console Battle begins


Microsoft launched the gaming war of the next generation with the introduction of two new consoles.

Today, the Xbox Series X and Series S finally went up for sale in stores, but all those looking to pick one of its consoles up for Christmas may well have a challenge on their side, with preorders running out weeks earlier for the consoles.

Microsoft expected that some stock might be available, but would-be shoppers would have to travel swiftly.

The € 500 Series X is the star of the show, with Microsoft saying it is its most powerful yet, providing enhanced graphics power and sophisticated audiovisual technologies. It comes with a 1 TB solid-state drive for game storage and supports games from and beyond the previous console generation. The disc drive allows 4 K UHD and Blu-Ray disks to be played on the console.

The design will help the device run much quieter than prior Xbox consoles, pulling power from the console’s top through a series of black and green vents.

The Series S is smaller in size and the price to deliver a cheaper console, making a few compromises. The €300 computer is a single digital console, replacing the disk drive and reducing Series X’s higher-end graphics capabilities. The less costly console is a gaming introduction that is more affordable and will possibly attract a younger demographic less concerned with 4K visuals.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X
Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

The Series S may have less power, but it is comparable to the outgoing generation, like the Playstation 4 Pro, 4 teraflops to the Series X 12. Instead of 4 K, it runs Quad HD games at 1440p resolution, and it will be optimized and at 60 fps, even though it supports up to 120 fps. 512 GB of capacity is available, which can be extended.

It also maintains some of its sibling’s more appealing features, including raytracing technology, which enables the device to enhance how games can render light and shadow. It also drastically helps reduce network speeds.

Both consoles enable the Dolby Vision video technology, Dolby TrueHD, and Atmos sound.

Microsoft is facing intense competition, nevertheless, with the Playstation 5 announcement trailing right on its tracks. Without even a good promotional title to attract players, the Xbox Series X is premiering, with a new Halo title postponed.

Each studio is facing some unique challenges and constraints depending on its particular location, but many of the external development partners around the world are similarly affected,” said Ryan Cameron, director at Xbox, EMEA.