Laxmi: What Does The Critics Say About This Akshay Kumar Starrer Laxmi?
Laxmi: What Does The Critics Say About This Akshay Kumar Starrer Laxmi?

Laxmi: What Does The Critics Say about Akshay Kumar’s New Film?

Well, I know how you guys were thinking about the conclusion of 2020 and believed that these remaining days could not get any more ridiculous. And it is exactly when the role of Akshay Kumar plays a very important part. The iconic actor literally crushes our senses with a new film. It is called Laxmi and can be considered a supernatural flick. Previously, the creators used to call it Laxmi Bomb. To give you a reference, we can take Sadak 2 as a reference here.

Laxmi provides Sadak 2 an offer to establish itself as the second-worst movie of the year. The whole film mocks our intelligence. Laxmi will also prove as the biggest blow to the chances of Disney Plus Hotstar to stand in the way of other major digital platform players in India, especially Netflix. In the beginning, there was a lot of hesitation put for the creators of the film to have a release on the OTT platform. But well, when you have finished watching the film, it is not even worth spending money to watch just one film in the isolation of mind.

Laxmi: A still from the movie

Laxmi ― What does the audience say about this new flick?

The film is such a bizarre tale that it makes even the Housefull series seem like classics. As per the critics’ review, they say that everyone has watched Kanchana, which was released back in 2011. It was an inspiration behind creating Laxmi. Also, no one ever liked the parent film, but its Bollywood remake ks far worse than that. Laxmi approaches a concept of the transgender community and filming, and everything about it numbs our mind. The whole film is so stupid that one might catch you screaming in the middle of it for no reason at all.

Well, given the fact that it is exactly what Akshay Kumar does in the film. All this while, no one expected anything from logic and sensibilities; thus, they were not a problem. But the major lot of surprise came in when the movie proved to be highly unfunny and inexplicable. According to this film, Akshay Kumar reprises the role of Asif, who is a rationalist. He is married to the character of Rashmi, played by actress Kiara Advani. Well, no one knows what Rashmi does; they never bothered to disclose her occupation.

Laxmi ― Read the plot here

The couple goes on to visit the parents of Rashmi, who currently reside in Daman. Everything goes unexpected when a supernatural soul possesses the body of Asif. You guys, trust me, everything was extremely fine till this point in time. We even acknowledged a couple of comedy scenes that involve Akshay Kumar. But later, as the central plot takes over, all your laughter is set to fly far away, and all everyone is left with is Kiara performing a very uninspired dance on ‘Burj Khalifa’ song.

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