Hipgnosis Acquires 33,000 Songs From Kobalt Fund in $323 Million Deal
Hipgnosis Acquires 33,000 Songs From Kobalt Fund in $323 Million Deal

Hipgnosis Acquires 33,000 Songs From Kobalt Fund in $323 Million Deal

News has come out that Hipgnosis Songs have acquired 42 catalogs that comprise more than 33,000 songs. They have taken these from Kobalt Music Copyrights SARL. The total amount set for all these transactions is 322.9 million US dollars. Investors sold the owned catalogs in Kobalt Capital Limited, and it is distinct from the music company themselves. These tracks will continue to get an administration by Kobalt. The company was founded in 2010, and KCL is a financial conduct authority regulating investment advisory firms that focus on all the music’s rights.

This particular acquisition spans across many musical genres, as well as some 1500 songwriters. The list even includes Lindsey Buckingham as well as 50 Cent and Stev3 Winwood. We also have Walter Afanasieff on board with Skrillex. The group lists some of the very blockbuster songs that have been at the top of Billboard such as Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac and The Chain, All I Want For Christmas Is You as well as One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey.

Kobalt Capital Limited

Kobalt Capital Limited gives rights of 33,000 songs to Hipgnosis!

They even have Hero by Enrique Iglesias and Higher Love by Steve Winwood, Roar along with Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, Bad to the Bone sung by George Thorogood. The titles even have popular names such as Halo by Beyonce and Love Shack by B-25, In Da Club by 50 Cents, Sorry created by Justin Bieber, and Let it Go from the Frozen soundtrack of Disney and thousands of others.

Willard Ahdtitz is the Founder and Chairman of Kobalt and Chief Investment Officer at Kobalt Capital Limited. He said that when they started Kobalt Capital in 2010, they were the first regulated music royalties fund, and they even offered their clients their unique and transparent service.

Hipgnosis: company logo

Kobalt Capital Limited ― Here is what Willard Ahdtitz said!

He said they also offered a long term commitment to administer their works if they want to sell their copyrights. As of right now, he says, they are really pleased to say that they have delivered all their promises to both their clients as well as the investors. He also announced how the KCL Advisory board has finally decided to sell its first fund to Hipgnosis finally.

This transition can be considered the most recent one and is likely the largest one by the rapidly growing Hipgnosis funded with the net proceeds from its September fundraising for equity. It was done along with its existing facility for leverage. According to the official statement, Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited comprises a total portfolio of 117 catalogs and 57,000 songs. The aggregate acquisition value of all these is approximately 1.525 billion US dollars.

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