Special OPS season 2 Possibilities: Know Here
Special OPS season 2 Possibilities: Know Here

Special OPS season 2 Possibilities: Know Here

Special OPS season 1 came out earlier this year on the streaming platform provided by Hotstar. This show can be considered as an espionage thriller show that has been created by Neeraj Pandey. Obviously, as soon as it hit the digital platform, Special OPS became very popular among the Indian audience. The show has employed iconic actors such as Kay Kay Menon and Karan Tacker in the lead roles.

The show has even received positive responses from both the critics as well as the audience. Well, as of right now, fans of Special OPS are hoping a bit more from it. Everyone is wondering about what might a fresh batch of episodes bring for them. All this while, here is a piece of great news for you guys, Special OPS season 2 is definitely being thought about. You are advised to continue reading if you want to know more about the show.

Special OPS: A Still from season 1

Special OPS season 2 ― What does Neeraj Pandey has to say?

The Director of the show, Neeraj Pandey, has definitely shown his interest in Special OPS season 2, and he has given it the green light. In one of his interviews, he revealed the point when they were discussing the show with Hotstar. He said they planned to create something that will surely have a value of recall, and they certainly were clear about two things.

Neeraj says that the first thing was that they would conclude the whole tale within the limits of season 1. They thought they would leave no loose ends or no cliffhangers. The second thing he talked about was their desire to make a brand and a franchise with which they can easily narrate some other stories. As of right now, Pandey did not make any official decisions and said that once everything is back to normal, they will put their thinking hats on again.

Special OPS season 2 ― Director says there is a possibility

Neeraj then discussed the amount of love that has come in for them their show, Special Ops, and how people are demanding more of it. He says everything that is to happen in the future is completely based dependent on their schedules. At this point, even Neeraj can not say something concrete because everything is thrown out, such as schedules, lives, work, and timelines, and the pandemic is the reason for it. He assured all his fans, asking them to be calm right now because they will soon explore the possibility of a new season once everything is normal again.

In Special OPS, we see how the character of actor Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh goes on to trace a pattern of terror attacks that have been happening over the years. He also comes to a solid conclusion that it has been caused by one person only, and we all witnessed how Special OPS season 1 did not leave behind any potential cliffhangers.

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