Vishal Bharadwaj Is Set On Making Agatha Christie Franchise
Vishal Bharadwaj Is Set On Making Agatha Christie Franchise

Vishal Bharadwaj Is Set On Making Agatha Christie Franchise

Well, as you guys know, Vishal Bharadwaj is a person who makes films and composes potential music. Right now, this iconic man is set to adapt the works of renowned British writer Agatha Christie into a film franchise for an audience in India. Vishal is set to produce this highly anticipated film franchise and has joined his forces with Agatha Christie Limited (ACL), a company set up to manage the literary and media rights to the works done by the talented writer.

James Prichard is the great-grandson of Agatha Christie and the chair and chief executive officer at the ACL. In one of his interviews, he has revealed that he is truly excited at the thought of creating a new film franchise of Agatha Christie in India, and he is thrilled to partner with the amazing Vishal Bharadwaj. James then said that Vishal is a multitalented filmmaker with a vision and a terrific track record for adapting the works of various respected writers to create memorable pieces in the entertainment industry.

A Picture of Director Vishal Bharadwaj

Vishal Bharadwaj is developing an Agatha Christie franchise after his Shakespeare Trilogy!

Vishal Bharadwaj is popularly known in Indian cinematic platforms for his work on the Shakespeare Trilogy. This franchise includes an adaptation of Macbeth called Maqbool, Othello, which goes by the title Omkara and, last but not least, Hamlet, which has been converted into Haider.

In one of his many statements, the creator has revealed that he loves and admires the work of Agatha Christie, and obviously, India is a country that has a huge fanbase of hers. Then he went on address all the people who belong to his generation and told them to remember how growing up; they did not have the facility of mobile phones and social media and that, is why they lived on novels. He himself started reminiscing his childhood days that come along a package deal of summer vacation and libraries while they wished the books they were reading never ended.

Vishal Bharadwaj will shoot his forthcoming film at a single location!

Vishal Bharadwaj also happens to be an ardent fan of writer Alfred Hitchcock. He is living in his Mussoorie home right now. He has revealed to the press about how he was pretty perplexed regarding the kind of films that all the filmmakers will be allowed to create under the current situation of a pandemic, which has been caused by the deadly Corona Virus.

He also wondered that there would be a crowd in the backdrop wearing masks all this while. Well, you guys know, Hitchcock is pretty popular for being able to shoot films inside a single home, and such types of his works include Rope, which was released back in 1948, and Rear Window, which came out back in 1954. And apparently, this is what has given Vishal Bharadwaj an idea to shoot at a single location.

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