The Boys: What Do Fans Think About The Show?
The Boys Review

The Boys: What Do Fans Think About The Show?

As all the subscribers of Amazon Prime Video might know it, The Boys is an American superhero drama developed by Eric Kripke. The plot of the whole show has been adapted from the comic books that go by the same name and has been penned down by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

It has two successful seasons on the platform right now, with the first one released back on the 26th of July 2019, and the second one, which came out back on the 4th of September 2020. You guys should know that Amazon renewed The Boys for season 3 even before the premiere of its second season, and it just shows how confident they are in its success.

The Boys―Story and Plot

The story of The Boys is set in the universe where some powerful individuals are considered heroes by the common man. We see in the show how these guys work for the strong corporation called Vought International, which is a firm that markets and monetizes them.

Outside of the personalities that they have set for the world as kind and compassionate, these heroes are actually arrogant and totally corrupt. The series’s main focus is laid on two groups existents in the story, which are the Seven the Superhero team of Vought and the eponymous Boys who are constantly looking forward to bring Vought along with its corrupt superheroes down.

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The Boys Review―What do we think about the show?

As for the public’s opinion about how The Boys actually is, they really have to say that the show remains incredibly honest to itself. Even though it sticks to the plot, The Boys is really not afraid of taking on some pretty huge twists and then even going on to push the boundaries of the whole cast and the writers and even the audience themselves.

According to the people, this series has been described by various adjectives such as gleefully cases and violent and surprising drama. It continues to find out an alternate place that differs, which is quite different from where we reside in a particular manner. As we already know that Superheroes are actually not limited to our screens or even the pages of comic books because they are genuine, while some of them can be total jerks too.

The Boys can be considered the closest thing to offer us a balance against the individuals who have superpowers and see no problem abusing their strength or maybe even speed. In the show, we witness a gang of rogues led by Billy Butcher, who is not linked with any government but is more than ready to do whatever is in their power to support the public’s protectors from achieving their mission.

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