The 100 Might Have A Potential Prequel In Work
The 100 Might Have A Potential Prequel In Work

The 100 Might Have A Potential Prequel In Work

Well, as all the people who are in love with the series called The 100 must be well aware of the fact that the show has now come to a close with a dramatic series finale, but as of right now, Jason Rothenberg, the creator of this show has plenty of stories to tell further. In one of his potential interviews, he has discussed the possibilities for a spinoff that has taken place sometime in the past.

He says that a sequel is actually in the form of a prequel, and even several characters have been decided about. He says that they all do have potential plans. Hopefully, if they are lucky enough to get the series to go to space and meet all of their ancestors, that includes the great grandparents and uncles of Bellamy along with Arkadia and everybody else who were alive at that time.

The 100 might have a prequel as a sequel–Rothenberg says

In the seventh season and its episode eight called Anaconda, we all asked about a time that existed before the nuclear apocalypse and has set the events of The 100 in actual motion. Callie, a perfect daughter of Second Dawn cult leader, namely Bill Cadogan, has acted as a backdoor pilot for maybe having a prequel sometime in the future.

Rothenberg says that they have asked him to create a prequel for The 100, and there have been several different sorts of manners that they could have gone down. He says that his first thought was to do it in space, whereas they all know it the Ark is coming together this time. All the ancestors of their protagonists are in the original 100 and are up in space. He says that they have put a lot of thought into this but could not explore it more in the seventh season because it did not make much sense with its story.

The 100 Season 7 Finished but A Prequel Is In Works

Here is how we were introduced to the prequel hint in The 100 season 7!

As we all know, in the episode, the tale was more grounded in the literal sense, and Clarke has also confronted that Cadogan is currently residing on the planet Bardo. The cult leader believes that Clarke has his daughter in the AI chip in her own mind. The whole scene changes at this time, and we get a flashback where Callie and her mother Grace all rush to get yo the bunker in Second Dawn to rescue themselves from the world, which destroyed nuclear missiles. As time goes by, we see how Callie works to solve the mystery of the Anomaly Stone despite her father’s wishes.

These episodes really did provide a bridge to the gap created by the past and the future, and we could eventually even see the prequel having a journey back to space. All this while, we might even get a chance to explore the characters related to the ones that we have come to be aware of.

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